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New Senoia Speedway Go Kart Track

We have had several calls about the upcoming go kart track in Senoia and I just wanted to get everyone up to date. The track has got the OK from the county and  once the weather starts to cooperate then they begin grading. The plans as of now are to begin racing the first weekend in April and to practice the last 2 Sundays in March. They will be running a full class of karts including the Briggs flatheads, Briggs animals, and the Box Stock Project engines as well. Should be lots of great racing. Keep checking back and we will keep you posted.

4 Responses to “New Senoia Speedway Go Kart Track”

  1. Michael Roberts Says:

    Any update on this track? Many of us would like to know impressions about it.

  2. RKS Says:

    No recent updates on the New Senoia Speedway go kart track. We have learned that a new go kart track will be opening in Zebulon. The date is still to be announced. One thing I think all racers will agree on is that a good quality track is needed in this area.

  3. Matt Carr Says:

    Any news about the track in Zebulon?

  4. RKS Says:

    The last that I heard they should be up and running around spring of 2011. I will keep you posted.

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