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Latest News from Roberts Kart Shop

Razor Chassis Wraps Up the 2011 Gold Cup Season

Posted in Race News on October 12th, 2011 by RKS

Razor Chassis wraps up the 2011 Gold Cup season with a total of 36 wins. We could not be more pleased with our customers. We saw 7 new drivers capture their first Gold Cup win and brought home 6 national championships.

In the Jr Sportsman 1 Box Stock class Dylan Murry, Austin Schulz, and Emil Schulz battled all year. It looked as though Dylan was going to sweep the year, but Austin came back strong, winning both days at the soggy BeaveRun Grand Nationals. Emil Schulz, younger brother of Austin competed in two GC Nationals this year earning him two top three finishes. All three drivers improved greatly throughout year. Two of which have moved into the Animal class. Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings for these drivers.

In the Sportsman 2 Lite and Heavy and Jr Sportsman 2 Box Stock class Connor Tebbe had an excellent year. Connor captured his first National win at 103rd Street Sports Complex in the Sportsman 2 Lite division. In the Box Stock class Tebbe swept the year winning every single race. Tebbe has been racing with Razor chassis since we first began and it’s amazing to see the natural talent that this young driver holds. 2012 looks promising!

Skylar Robinson returned to 103rd Street Sports Complex in hopes of capturing a win. He completed the weekend with a pair of top two finishes, and two top fives. Robinson returned to New Castle to earn a win in the highly competitive Jr. Heavy class. Robinson only ran two Gold Cup Nationals with the Razor crew this 2011 season, his focus shifting towards the WKA Manufacturers Cup Series. In 2010 Robinson won the WKA Triple Crown Award on a Razor. The future is looking bright for Skylar….

The Jr Box Stock class was highly competitive all year. At some points I personally could not bear to watch. The twins, Aren and Tyler Smith based out of Jacksonville, Florida, captured their first National wins at the 103rd Street Sports Complex. The following race, at G and J Kartway, Tanner Lee and Steven Schlenke earned their first National wins. The rest of the season played out to be extremely tight racing as well. “Matt” Mathew Horst competed in all the National events, and by the end of the year Horst had became a threat to the other racers. We have watched Horst’s driving skills improve greatly throughout the year. Bailey Temples is another young driver that is fresh to the National scene. Temples has shown great promise on the Local and National level. The racing in this class was so tight, that in the majority of the races the winner was not decided until the very last lap. Great job guys! We are so proud of each and every one you!

The Sr Box Stock class was another tight division. The year started off with Joey Miller and Jeff Jewell sharing a win for the weekend at 103rd Street Sports Complex. Joey Miller wrapped the year up with 4 National wins and clinched the “National Champion” title. Miller also swept the FKCS series, winning every race he competed in. Miller, who is not new to karting, has had an unbelievable year. His dedication and involvement with Razor Chassis is greatly appreciated. Carter Schlenke and Tyler Bell were also strong contenders all year. Both having several top 5 finishes show great promise. Congrats to all.

Steve Roberts, owner of Roberts Kart Shop and Razor Chassis also had a great year. In the Masters Medium and Heavy division, Roberts clenched a perfect season. His record setting year saw him win 8 poles and 8 features. Great job Steve!

On a side note, Austin Schulz, Dylan Murry, Tanner Lee, Tyler Smith, and Aren Smith all completed their first year in the highly competitive Jr. Animal classes this year.  With no Animal classes offered locally, all gained valuable experience as they familiarized themselves with the new engine and clutch package.  With some experience under their belts, and off-season Animal testing planned, Razor Chassis can’t wait to see what 2012 holds for these young drivers!

In closing, Razor Chassis would like to personally thank each and everyone our racers and their families for their persevering commitment to us and the sport of karting. You guys make it all worth it! Congrats on a great year!

Steve and Stacy Roberts

Headed to the “THE Kart Show” @ Charlotte

Posted in Race News on January 5th, 2011 by RKS

Hope to see everyone at “THE Kart Show” in Charlotte on January 14th & 15th, 2011. Please stop by our booth and check out our specials.

Live updates from WKA Gold Cup GT Machine Grand Nationals

Posted in Race News on September 29th, 2010 by RKS

We will be providing live updates from the WKA Gold Cup GT Machine Grand Nationals on October 2nd and 3rd.  Visit the Blog for the live updates.

2010 Gold Cup New Castle

Posted in Race News on September 4th, 2010 by RKS

The Gold Cup pictures from New Castle are now up. We would like to congratulate Skylar Robinson on his dominating weekend, winning all 4 classes that he entered.  Congrats to all our Razor drivers for making this a very successful weekend.

RKS Racer Gallery

Posted in Race News on July 16th, 2010 by RKS

The RKS Racer Gallery link is now full of photos. Check back weekly to see if you made the cut.

New Sale Items

Posted in Product News on June 2nd, 2010 by RKS

Check out our June sale items. New lower prices on ARC  Clone top plate, ARC  Clone chain guard, and BSP (Box Stock Project)Clone assembly kit. Prices are good through June 30th.

Update on CL1 Dyno Cams and BSP Clone Engines

Posted in Product News on June 2nd, 2010 by RKS

We will finally be receiving our large shipment of Dyno CL1 Cams and BSP (Box Stock Project) Clone Engines in the next few days. Maxxis EL tires are back in stock. Thanks for the orders.

New Senoia Speedway Go Kart Track

Posted in Race News on January 8th, 2010 by RKS

We have had several calls about the upcoming go kart track in Senoia and I just wanted to get everyone up to date. The track has got the OK from the county and  once the weather starts to cooperate then they begin grading. The plans as of now are to begin racing the first weekend in April and to practice the last 2 Sundays in March. They will be running a full class of karts including the Briggs flatheads, Briggs animals, and the Box Stock Project engines as well. Should be lots of great racing. Keep checking back and we will keep you posted.

Consider a Razor Chassis For Your Junior Driver

Posted in Product News on December 18th, 2009 by RKS

Connor Tebbe drives his Razor junior chassis to a win in GSKA Clone Jr1 on 11/07/2009.

When RKS began development of the Razor chassis, we knew that a strong junior program would be key to the growth of the Razor brand.  Early on, we focused a great deal of development and testing into our junior program, insuring a strong foundation of future Razor drivers.  You don’t have to look any further than the 2009 GSKA final points standings to see the success of Razor junior drivers.  Razor junior drivers took home the Clone Jr 2 and Animal Jr 1 championship, and Razor junior drivers hold the current track records in Animal Jr 1, Animal Jr 2, Clone Jr 2 and Clone Jr 3.  When you are in the market for a fast and tunable chassis for your junior driver, take a look at the Razor Junior Chassis.

2009 GSKA Points Banquet

Posted in Race News on December 15th, 2009 by RKS
Connor Tebbe receives his trophy for 3rd place in 2009 GSKA Micromax series points

Connor Tebbe receives his trophy for 3rd place in 2009 GSKA Micromax series points. Connor pilots a Razor cadet chassis powered by a CMC rotax. Connor placed 3rd in 2009 GSKA Micromax points despite missing the 1st half of the season.

The 2009 GSKA Banquet was a great ending to a great year. Razor Chassis took home 5 championships . Tanner Lee (Clone Jr.2) Connor Tebbe (Briggs Animal Sportsman 1) Steve Roberts (Animal Medium and Clone Senior Medium) and Dicky Wilson (Clone Senior Heavy).

Roberts Kart Shop customers also collected 9 track records.

Roberts Kart Shop would like congratulate all of our customers on a great season. We look forward to next year.J040B2k$p0Po